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New NFT available on Pianity!

The track " Fed Up" from the “Danakil Meets Ondubground part.2” album will be available this saturday as an NFT on the website Pianity ! The NFT will be auctioned on saturday for 24 hours at this address: https://pianity.com/danakil/fed-up-feat-bounty-killer
You can define this NFT as a collector version of the track, available as a digital file… Here are some explanations!


What is actually a NFT?

A NFT is a unique digital property, allowing to authenticate the originality and the property of a digital file. It often concerns a work of art : a picture, a video, a track. It’s not fungible because it can’t be traded for another NFT. Unlike a bitcoin having the same value as another one, a NFT doesn't have the same value as another NFT (just as you wouldn’t exchange a Picasso piece with a Renoir one). Each file is unique and has its own value. On Pianity, a NFT is a collectible limited edition track for music lovers.

Our partner Pianity 

Pianity is a music marketplace, allowing artists to sell their pieces as limited editions. A musician can sell a track as 1, 10, 100 or 1000 copies, enclosed with an authenticity and property certificate. It can be kept, traded, or sold.
You can see a NFT as a collector and signed-by-the-artist vinyl. It is truly a collection item, that can take value according to the track, its rarity, the artist’s success, and the advantages related to the song.
With the NFTs, Pianity gives the artistes a new complementary income source to those who don’t benefit much from the streaming plateformes, and a new way to connect with their fans and supporters.


The Track! 

This piece is a “Marre” track remix, released by Danakil the day before the first 2022 election round. For this remix, it’s the jamaican Bounty Killer who was invited to the side of Balik to reinvent the tune.



Image illustrant le NFT de Danakil sur Pianity


  • Twan Tee et Warrior King artistes du morceau
  • photo des bureaux à Guiclan. Hangar avec l'enseigne de baco distribution
  • Queen Omega au studio. Crédit photo Maxime Rey
  • twan tee photo en Colombie devant un mur coloré
  • Groundation en live
  • photo des bureaux à Guiclan. Hangar avec l'enseigne de baco distribution
  • L'artiste Twan Tee souriant sur scène avec un micro
  • Queen-Omega-artist-bacomusic
  • Image illustrant le NFT de Danakil sur Pianity
  • Pic of Queen Omega
  • twan tee en baco session au studio avec son morceau reggae "Chalwah"
  • Photo sepia portrait de l'artiste Twan Tee dans la fumée
  • Image d'une ile en nouvelle caledonie
  • Protoje-2022
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  • Hurlements D'Léo
  • Danakil - Live au Théâtre Femina
  • Yaniss Odua Stay High
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  • booboozzzallstars-bacomusic
  • twantee-bacomusic
  • cheeko-volodia-©AlexSorin
  • cheeko-volodia-©AlexSorin
  • booboozzzallstars-bacomusic
  • BacoTape-visuel-2021
  • Danakil-Ensemble-©ValentinCompagnie
  • ClintonFearon-artisteBacoMusic
  • booboozzzallstars-bacomusic
  • danakil-creditAlexSorin
  • TwanTee-albumcover
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