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Baco Records was created in 2011. Since then it has developed through a wide range of activities. Today BACO MUSIC is : booking, label, publishing, studio recording, distribution, an e-shop and most recently, a media: The Baco Station.

Over the years, BACO MUSIC has been strengthening and developing into a structure capable of working hand in hand with artists, covering all the aspects of their professional career. We can also put our skills to the services of other structures. The adventure of our independence continues thanks to your support. Thank you !




Baco aims at linking the musical production process with concert tour organization, editorial catalog management, as well as the design and logistics of the band merchandising etc.
Our support and development of “BACO artists” has undoubtedly been proving its value over the years. Following our beliefs and convictions, we carry out our actions and carefully choose our partners and service providers according to a social responsibility approach.


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Mathieu Dassieu

Baco Music CEO

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Laura Goncalves

Chargée de communication éditions et distribution

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Titouan Andrillo

Préparateur de commandes

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Benoit Ferdy

Baco Booking CEO

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Armand Vache

Directeur administratif et financier

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Flore Cassini

Responsable Communication

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Cindy Brossard

Attachée commerciale

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François Perreau

Label Manager - Pôle distribution

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Lucie Labat

Graphic designer

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Lola Feuillye

Assistante Communication Tournée

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Manu Cariou

Webmaster Baco Shop

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Mathilde Quint

Assistante éditions et financements

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Yannick Kerguiduff

Manager des projets de distribution physique

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Jean-Baptiste Gerbaux

Label Manager

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Tate Fagg

Assistant de production audiovisuelle

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Damien Coutrot

Engineer Baco Studio

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Gabriel Maydieu

Chargé de communication

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Fanny Landais

Funding and Publishing

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Cyrille Teranga

Booking Agent

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Annabelle Pichoir

Projects director - Distribution

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Hadrien Fortier

Chargé de distribution digitale

image de l'album

Laure Cudennec


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Clara Lagabrielle

Chargée de communication et production - Pôle booking

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Zoé Prentout

Régie Générale & Merchandising

image de l'album

Marion Burlaud

Attachée de presse

image de l'album

Antoine Visconti

Chargé de distribution digitale

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Loik Gestin

Responsable de la logistique - Distribution

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Claire Suchecki

Responsable commercial et administration des ventes

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Maxime Rey


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Alex Sorin

Responsable de projets - pôle média

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Nael Lahraoui

Assistant de communication


Baco Music brings together 6 centers of activity and a team of more than thirty people spread between Paris, Bordeaux, Finistère and Loir-et-Cher. Contact us (via the contact form) to bring your projects to life!



In 2014, Baco Records decided to go further in band support. So we created a booking department. We thought that the best way to help our artists grow was to work on an overall development strategy, including the tours. The booking agency is currently managing the European tours of a dozen of international headliners as well as new talented artists.


Located in the heart of Bordeaux, BACO STUDIO is a 120 square meter space dedicated to musical creation. The exceptional acoustics of the control room, the two cabins designed and built by Christian Malcurt (Plus XXX, Digital Factory, Luc Besson, Studio Gang), and the high-end equipment, combining vintage and high-tech, offer the utmost conditions for your recordings, mixes and masterings. Our studio is definitely a place conductive to work and creation where meetings, expert knowledge and experience are the key words.


Baco Distribution takes care of physical and digital distribution for the label's projects and those of external structures. Baco Distribution operates through a network of over 500 specialized stores and through its own online store. We offer a manufacturing service for your CDs and LPs and take care of your stock management and its logistics. Baco Distribution (powered by IDOL) offers support to your digital distribution on platforms, a trade marketing process and significant strategy advice about your projects. Service to help you achieve success, be broadcast and thus known by the largest audience.


Essembe Publishing is the publishing branch of BACO MUSIC since 2012. We ensure the editorial follow-up of BACO MUSIC artists’ songs. In addition to these missions, we’re working to allow maximum diffusion of our works, music for image and synchronization are part of the areas of development on which we act on a daily basis.


Baco Records was born in 2011, because Danakil wanted to take back the reins of their independence. They also had the ambition to promote other artists, with quality and innovative artistic, often underground projects. Baco Records is positioned as a militant label, it’s inventive in its marketing and promotion concepts, respectful of its artists and their audiences.


Our objective within the label is therefore to set up projects in which we believe, by talented artists, often coming from so-called "underground" scenes with little media coverage, both in France and abroad, thanks to our many partners abroad.


18 Rue Tiffonet – 33000 Bordeaux – FRANCE

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