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Peet at La Cigale on November 23, 2024!

Brussels rapper PEET poursuit sa conquête de la capitale ! Après deux dates à la Maroquinerie complètes en Novembre 2023, il sera de retour à la Cigale le Samedi 23 Novembre 2024. Le compte à rebours est lancé !

In recent years, Peet has made a name for himself on the Belgian rap scene. With his jazzy boom bap and cosy, mellow rap, he settles us into his "quality slacker" couch, sometimes inviting a few acolytes on his albums (JeanJass, Primero, Roméo Elvis, Zwangere Guy, Swing), and takes us along on his introspective nocturnal ride, with its bewitching jazz sounds and heady lyrics.

But that's not all: if PEET likes to let himself go and explore his feelings, he's also at ease transmitting his boundless energy in a fraction of a second, shiffting over a trap instrument and a perfectly mastered flow, instantly provoking a number of irrepressible pogos in concert. At his side, a family as talented as they are unbridled: VEEKO on drums, NICOLAS FELICES on bass, FERDI on saxophone, ELVIN GALLAND on piano and his lifelong companion, MORGAN, on turntables.

In 2023, the album « TODO BIEN » revealed a lyrical rap, with a mix of everyday poetry and laid-back humor, and a number of top-quality collaborations: JEANJASS, the man who dribbles with words, PRIMERO (L'Or du Commun), the silver nib with the golden voice, and ROMÉO ELVIS, the crocodile trainer with the cutting flow.

Latest gem : the track « Isaiah » (inspired by the work of American rapper Isaiah Rashad), in which he shares his thoughts on his rise in the music world over a steamy instrumental co-produced with his bassist. This track heralds a series of new tracks that the team are just finishing up, to be discovered in 2024!


La Cigale – Paris (FR)
Samedi 23 Novembre 2024

Doors opening : 19h30
Price : 30€ + rental fees / 40€ on site / available Pass Culture

Tickets : https://www.ticketmaster.fr/fr/manifestation/peet-billet/idmanif/569049/idtier/35150262


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