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Danakil support indie record stores for the release of their album!

It's official, the collaborative album between the group DANAKIL and the Touraine duo ONDUBGROUND will be released on December 9!

For this release, the DANAKIL, very attached to their values ​​of independence, wanted to highlight crucial players in the music industry: independent record stores. From November 18 to December 9, it will therefore be possible to obtain a preview of the new album “DANAKIL MEETS ONDUBGROUND PART.2” at all the partner record stores of the operation.

These record stores play an essential role in promoting independent productions, by highlighting “niche” references that cannot be found anywhere else. Also, to support their passionate work, it was obvious for the DANAKIL to offer them this exclusive preview.

In addition to supporting their economic model weakened by the decline in sales of physical albums, it is also a means of encouraging local trade, where exchanges are favored and listening to music is facilitated. A different experience from the one you can have by discovering the latest releases on your favorite streaming platform!

If a list of partner record stores is available, the group specifies that it will be quite possible to go to any other independent record store and place an order with it.

For this new album “DANAKIL MEETS ONDUBGROUND PART.2”, the cast is spectacular, ranging from top Jamaican toasters like BOUNTY KILLER, JAH MASONSKARRA MUCCI or OMAR PERRY, to the promising young shoots of the international underground scene (TWAN TEEANDREIA), passing through the tenors of the UK scene: GENERAL LEVYCHARLY P, etc…

This new collaboration between the two collectives DANAKIL and ONDUBGROUND is a supercharged cartridge that will be officially available on December 9, 2022 in physical and digital.

Here is the list of partner record stores:

  • Le Silence de la Rue – Paris (11e arr.)
  • Musical Box – Dignes Les Bains (04)
  • Galette Records – Marseille (13)
  • Disc’n’truck – Caen (14)
  • Noir et Feu Records – Rochefort (17)
  • Black Market – Dijon (21)
  • Les Sillonneurs – Morlaix (29)
  • Les Enfants du Roc’h – Huelgoat (29)
  • Total Heaven – Bordeaux (33)
  • Le Comptoir du Disque – Montpellier (34)
  • Opus – Dole (39)
  • Skratch Records – Bracieux (41)
  • Haffi Dreads – Orléans (45)
  • Palace Records (49) – sur les salons et marchés locaux
  • Big Star Records – Arras (62)
  • Rolling Rock – Clermont Ferrand (63)
  • Mange Disque – Bayonne (64)
  • Livity Records – Lyon (69)
  • Gilbert Joseph – Lyon (69)
  • La Disquerie – Macon (71)
  • Mes Vinyles.fr – Wissous (94) + vente en ligne
  • 79 Tours – Niort (79)
  • La Malle à Disques – Amiens (80)
  • Mod Disc – Cavaillon (84)



  • Twan Tee et Warrior King artistes du morceau
  • photo des bureaux à Guiclan. Hangar avec l'enseigne de baco distribution
  • Queen Omega au studio. Crédit photo Maxime Rey
  • twan tee photo en Colombie devant un mur coloré
  • Groundation en live
  • photo des bureaux à Guiclan. Hangar avec l'enseigne de baco distribution
  • L'artiste Twan Tee souriant sur scène avec un micro
  • Queen-Omega-artist-bacomusic
  • Image illustrant le NFT de Danakil sur Pianity
  • Pic of Queen Omega
  • twan tee en baco session au studio avec son morceau reggae "Chalwah"
  • Photo sepia portrait de l'artiste Twan Tee dans la fumée
  • Image d'une ile en nouvelle caledonie
  • Protoje-2022
  • Cheeko-bacomusic
  • BacoAllStars
  • FED UP
  • Omar Perry
  • Cover-Cheeko-Miroir Pt.1
  • The Human Chain
  • cheeko
  • danakil-creditAlexSorin
  • Cover-Cheeko-Miroir Pt.1
  • Enfants Du Monde
  • Omar Perry
  • CHEEKO - Louve
  • Hurlements D'Léo
  • Danakil - Live au Théâtre Femina
  • Yaniss Odua Stay High
  • Manjul-newsingle
  • booboozzzallstars-bacomusic
  • twantee-bacomusic
  • cheeko-volodia-©AlexSorin
  • cheeko-volodia-©AlexSorin
  • booboozzzallstars-bacomusic
  • BacoTape-visuel-2021
  • Danakil-Ensemble-©ValentinCompagnie
  • ClintonFearon-artisteBacoMusic
  • booboozzzallstars-bacomusic
  • danakil-creditAlexSorin
  • TwanTee-albumcover
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