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Danakil – précommandes ouvertes !

Pre-orders are now open for Danakil's new album, "DEMAIN PEUT-ÊTRE", due for release on September 27, 2024! Visit the Baco Shop to discover the album and our exclusive packs! The first 500 vinyls are signed by the whole band!

Pre-orders on this link.

22 years in the business. Tens of thousands of kilometers on the TourBus that has taken them to the four corners of the world. From a teenage dream in the early 2000s, when the band played a series of "hat" dates in the most underground cafés, to a decade later playing the biggest venues in France, a series of Zeniths and mainstream festivals, bringing their rootsy, committed music to as many people as possible.
2024 marks the band's return, with an eagerly-awaited 7th album, « Demain peut-être » which should appeal not only to the band's entire fanbase, but also to a wider audience, as the subjects addressed on this new album are so in tune with the burning news of recent months.
On the musical side, the band continues to evolve, and pushes even further the work of production within its own studio (the BACO STUDIO in Bordeaux) to cook up its best rhythmics and melodies, constantly experimenting, in search of a powerful, analog sound, far from today's standards and in search of a natural groove to best support the trenchant lyrics of Balik, DANAKIL's historic singer.
The band is currently on tour! Info & Tickets on this link.

Discover exclusive merchandising inspired by the new album's graphics!












Redécouvrez le premier single « Demain Peut-Être »




  • Twan Tee et Warrior King artistes du morceau
  • photo des bureaux à Guiclan. Hangar avec l'enseigne de baco distribution
  • Queen Omega au studio. Crédit photo Maxime Rey
  • twan tee photo en Colombie devant un mur coloré
  • Groundation en live
  • photo des bureaux à Guiclan. Hangar avec l'enseigne de baco distribution
  • L'artiste Twan Tee souriant sur scène avec un micro
  • Queen-Omega-artist-bacomusic
  • Image illustrant le NFT de Danakil sur Pianity
  • Pic of Queen Omega
  • twan tee en baco session au studio avec son morceau reggae "Chalwah"
  • Photo sepia portrait de l'artiste Twan Tee dans la fumée
  • Image d'une ile en nouvelle caledonie
  • Protoje-2022
  • Cheeko-bacomusic
  • BacoAllStars
  • FED UP
  • Omar Perry
  • Cover-Cheeko-Miroir Pt.1
  • The Human Chain
  • cheeko
  • danakil-creditAlexSorin
  • Cover-Cheeko-Miroir Pt.1
  • Enfants Du Monde
  • Omar Perry
  • CHEEKO - Louve
  • Hurlements D'Léo
  • Danakil - Live au Théâtre Femina
  • Yaniss Odua Stay High
  • Manjul-newsingle
  • booboozzzallstars-bacomusic
  • twantee-bacomusic
  • cheeko-volodia-©AlexSorin
  • cheeko-volodia-©AlexSorin
  • booboozzzallstars-bacomusic
  • BacoTape-visuel-2021
  • Danakil-Ensemble-©ValentinCompagnie
  • ClintonFearon-artisteBacoMusic
  • booboozzzallstars-bacomusic
  • danakil-creditAlexSorin
  • TwanTee-albumcover
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