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New album for the 30 years anniversary of Sinsémilia!

The new album of SINSÉMILIA is finally out!

And they make it big:
30 years anniversary ? 30 songs!!!

In the French musical landscape, SINSÉMILIA today is one of the most important band that its impressive palmares cannot sum up. If this band had earned such a reputation for three decades, it owes it first of all to its human dimension, cultivated with the same sincerity in the shadows as in the light, and which is reflected in its music. The formula, overs the years, has evolved while following the same guideline : to combine the colors and the spirit of Reggae Music, a major influence of SINSÉMILIA , with those of their personal culture, they who grew up in France and come from various backgrounds.

To celebrate this new anniversary which is looming in 2021, SINSÉMILIA first wanted to make their desires come true : new duet songs with friends like KOMLAN from DUB INC, remixes like the classic " Douanier " entrusted to MANUDIGITAL, revisited versions of old songs (“ Prendre le Temps », en duo avec TRYO,Le Futur " with VANUPIÉ…), " Nourrissons nos cerveaux " with BALIK and GUIZMO)...

Throughout its history, which was largely written on stage during the 1300 concerts given across France and overseas, SINSÉMILIA has always known how to project itself into the present without cutting itself off from the past. But above all without repeating it.

Listen to the album here

Order the album here


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