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Label : Baco Records

Booking contacts : ben@bacomusic.fr / teranga@bacomusic.fr

Nationality : French

Available on tour : from October 2024

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Starting from nothing at the time of high school in the early 2000s, a happy group of friends set themselves the somewhat incredible challenge of starting a reggae group. Neither one nor two, everyone chooses an instrument and the small troupe reserves a rehearsal slot at the local MJC. Little by little, the DANAKIL were able to find the alchemy between the inspirations and talents of each member of the group, between the Jamaican roots of reggae and the language of Molière, and more than 20 years later, the band still criss-crosses the biggest stages in Europe!

They keep it simple, however, and naturally create a close bond with their fans and audience at every concert, just as they did in their early days. This special atmosphere has been a major factor in the band's success, propelling them to the top of the French reggae scene, where they have made their own distinctive mark, stamped with the seal of independence and militancy. Indeed, DANAKIL has always sought to preserve its freedom, first by self-producing its albums, then by setting up its own label. BACO RECORDS came into being in 2011, and now, under the name BACO MUSIC, welcomes and accompanies many other musical talents in all aspects of their careers: recording, album production, touring, distribution, digital, promotion... As their fans know, there's nothing like DANAKIL on stage! After a great festival tour this summer, the band is now on tour, including four Zeniths with Dub Inc in November! As well as rediscovering the band's classics, this tour is also an opportunity to hear live their latest album "RIEN NE SE TAIT" , released on September 3, 2021. This album is currently enjoying a new lease of life thanks to a collaboration with ONDUBGROUND, a bass-music multi-instrumentalist duo. ONDUBGROUND deconstruct, decompose and return with ultra-spicy electro/bass music dub versions of "RIEN NE SE TAIT". A new remix album (the two groups had already collaborated in 2017) featuring a host of guest MCs ( Bounty Killer, Jah Mason, Skarra Mucci, Omar Perry, General Levy, Charly P , Twan tee, Andreia...) was released in early December 2022!