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Label : Baco Records

Booking contacts : twanteemusic@gmail.com

Nationality : French

Available on tour : toute l'année

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TWAN TEE presents his new album “INNERGY” in collaboration with producer ODDY, his longtime musical partner and friend. This second studio album, available on vinyl and digital, defends the recipe that TWAN TEE has never ceased to claim since its first opus: a mixture of musical genres, united by its unique and powerful flow.

Year after year, TWAN TEE stands out as one of the most promising artists of his generation. This popularity, TWAN TEE owes it in particular to ultra-honed productions signed ODDY, and its very advanced mixing techniques. A collaboration between the two artists that gives way to soaring reggae titles, digital dub, seasoned with trap and reggae skanks or even bass music. In this album, he largely speaks to us about self-determination and maintains this flame, as in his title "Keep It Burning", a real shot of motivation that he gives to his listeners. On this new album, TWAN TEE does not fail to address one of the subjects that shapes his universe: Love and its complexity. This is particularly the case with his title “Tell Me” in which he reveals his feelings, on a most bewitching rub a dub. A musical parenthesis as sweet as it is melancholic. TWAN TEE also extends the microphone to other artists around him to accompany him on this new opus. We thus find the Marseille singer Jahmie Face on the powerful title “Looking 4 This” which he unveiled a few weeks before the release of the album. He also collaborates with singer Davojah on the track “Caan Push We Over” and his dub/trap production with a stepper background that instantly turns heads. With “Live Mi Life”, it is roots reggae lovers that TWAN TEE delights. A slow rhythm for a floating instrument and vocal harmonies that evoke those of the choirs of groups from the 70s. A piece that inevitably reminds us of its excellent title "On The Road" present on his previous album. "INNERGY" is the convergence of many sources of inspiration that TWAN TEE draws from his daily life but also from his travels and encounters. A blend of feelings and styles that gives to this second album all the qualities to place it as one of this year's essential reggae/dub releases.