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Nationality : Jamaican

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PERRY, a name that resonates like a legend, that of a wizard who shook up reggae by giving birth to dub. Yes, we are talking about LEE "SCRATCH" PERRY! But this genius and possessed producer also gave birth to something unique, or rather someone, a son and no less talented: OMAR PERRY.

From his family heritage, OMAR PERRY recovers the extravagant caps of his father but not only! He spent his early childhood in the mythical Black Ark Studio, punctuated by his father's recording sessions with Bob Marley and the Wailers, Junior Murvin and Max Romeo. What to take inspiration from the greatest! No wonder then that at the dawn of the 80s, the teenager decided to leave school to launch his own musical career. This creative and musical instinct is in his genes! However, OMAR PERRY does not rest on the fame of his father and prefers to trace his own path. Over the years and encounters, he will release 4 studio albums between 2007 and 2019, supported among others by producer and musician GUILLAUME "STEPPER" BRIARD. The two men met in 2005 behind the scenes of Horace Andy's tour for whom OMAR PERRY worked. Very quickly the magic happens. OMAR PERRY wows crowds project after project, tour after tour. This enthusiasm, he owes it to his most singular vocal power, subtly tuned to reggae and dancehall sounds. Like this new generation of Jamaican artists, for OMAR PERRY it's no longer just about roots reggae but about opening up to more recent musical genres, to more modern aesthetics too. And it was in a world at a standstill, in the spring of 2021, that he was contacted by BENWAH, producer, composer and musician who had already worked on his very first album "Man Free". The latter sends him his last two, three reggae productions. OMAR PERRY immediately catches on. But BENWAH, inspired by the brothers Damian and Stephen Marley among others, wishes to bring the project into a more urban dimension. The tracks are reworked, remodeled with codes more rooted in hip-hop. The bet is successful, OMAR PERRY is seduced. What was supposed to be a collaboration on a simple single will quickly turn into a joint album project, as the connection between the two artists is so natural, instinctive, spontaneous. At the crossroads of hip-hop and reggae, this new album places OMAR PERRY in a new musical dimension that suits him perfectly!