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Label : Baco Records

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LES HURLEMENTS D'LÉO are back in 2020 with « MONDIAL STÉRÉO », a surprising new album with accents of world music, and a lot of guests gathering their voices to talk about exile, tragedy which touched millions of people all around the world. More than 20 years of career, 18 albums, 2000 shows in France and in 30 countries : LES HURLEMENTS D'LÉO never stop ! They have marked an entire generation throughout their projects and featurings (“Un Air, Deux Famille” , “Latcho Drom”, with LES OGRES DE BARBACK), without losing their rock/alternative song style from the beginning.

Impulsed by their singer Laurent Kebous, LES HURLEMENTS D'LÉO decided to talk about the worrying situation of migrant people throughout the 13 songs of this new project, sometimes poetic, realistic, sometimes grave. Always full of hope. If the general musical spirit of « MONDIAL STÉRÉO » is still the same as their other albums, they are exploring new ways : reggae, calypso, rocksteady, tzigane, flamenco, soul or “Ethiopiques”. Many artists have joined them, mixing their voices for a single cause : ALDEBERT, NÉRY CATINEAU (LES VRP), BABYLON CIRCUS, LA CIE MOHEIN, LES OGRES DE BARBACK, DAGUERRE, LA RUE KÉTANOU, but also more unexpected guests like DANAKIL, LIDIOP, PERRINE FIFADJI or SERGENT GARCIA… From the beginning of the project, Laurent Kebous and Tomas Jimenez, with friends who are authors (Erwan Naour, Olivier Daguerre, Vincent Manaud, Chloé Legrand), wanted to reach out to youth about this tragedy, by organizing writing workshops and discussion times at school (primary schools, high schools, classes of newcomers in the south-west of France. The band also met with families seeking asylum, who have told them their journey. These reactions and upsetting testimonies have first inspired the creation of an educational book for youth, released in November 2019, and then a disc released on February the 21st 2020. Those two productions compose the project « MONDIAL STÉRÉO ». LES HURLEMENTS D'LÉO and their label BACO RECORDS built a partnership with the association SOS Méditerranée, which has rescued more than 30 000 people in the international seas, at the european borders. 1€ will be given to them for each book bought. During their tour, LES HURLEMENTS D'LÉO are trying to give a voice to associations, collectives who are working everyday in the name of humanity. « MONDIAL STÉRÉO » Album released : February 21st 2020 Book - from 6 years old - released : November 15th 2019. Authors : Laurent Kebous (LES HURLEMENTS D'LÉO), Tomas Jimenez (EL COMUNERO), and Ludovic Bouillé (illustrator).