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Label : Baco Records

Booking contacts : ben@bacomusic.fr

Nationality : French

Available on tour : on request

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The BOOBOO’ZZZ ALL STARS is borned in 2013 in the cave of the Booboo’zzz club. These 5 brilliant musicians, passionate and over active on the Bordeaux musical scene have started together in the mythic club playing during 2 years with singers of various backgrounds The group then invested in its own studio and has been producing videos since 2016 : “STUDIO REGGAE BASH”. Very intimists sessions where musicians play famous French songs, classics of rock and international pop songs in reggae style, along with singers with various and different music styles. Smart and audacious, the group creates the buzz and becomes famous on the web, Their first album “STUDIO REGGAE BASH” (2017, Baco Records) is warmed welcome by the public and won the Victoire of Reggae award. The “STUDIO REGGAE BASH VOLUME II” comes back with new and even more exciting guests, like BEN MAZUÉ, BEN L'ONCLE SOUL or even TAÏRO. They play new cover tunes with Jamaican sounds mixing poetry, melancholy and summer heat. A new season starts for the BOOBOOZZZ ALL STARS with a new receipe and presents the “STUDIO REGGAE BASH VOL. III” in a new format. This time the group has renewed itself and offers an album registered in their studio in which they totally mastered songs and intros. Though well-known as musicians in the past, they succeed in performing classics into Reggae and Soul styles. The BOOBOO'ZZZ ALL STARS lives on in its originality and its freshness mixing different styles sensitively, to everyone's delight.

The group, which subsequently invested in its own studio, began producing a series of videos in 2016: STUDIO REGGAE BASH. Intimate live sessions where musicians cover flagship titles of French song, rock classics and international variety in reggae version, accompanied by singers from various musical styles. It's a buzz on the web and the group, ingenious and daring, is thus making itself known to the general public. The result was a first album: STUDIO REGGAE BASH, praised by the public and rewarded with the Victoires du Reggae. For STUDIO REGGAE BASH VOLUME II, BOOBOOZZZ ALL STARS returned with a new panel of even more promising guests, such as Ben Mazué, Ben l’Oncle Soul, and Taïro. This is how they presented new covers with Jamaican sounds mixing poetry, melancholy and summer heat. A new season begins for BOOBOO’ZZZ ALL STARS which changes its recipe and presents the Studio Reggae Bash VOLUME III with a brand new format. This time the group offers an album recorded in their studio and in which vocals and instrumentals are entirely mastered by themselves. If the members of the group have established themselves as exceptional musicians in the past, their singing performance also largely lives up to the classics that they cover and which they put in the colors of Reggae and Soul. BOOBOO’ZZZ ALL STARS continues in its originality and freshness, combining styles with tact and talent in this new album which will be released in early 2021!