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Label : Baco Records

Booking contacts : hugo@talowa.com

Nationality : French

Available on tour : On demand

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Active since 1987, Big Red has crossed the ages and fashions until today with the same ease as others cross the street. His first steps on the microphone took place in the Yvelines where with his group Rapsonic he released the maxi 45t “Mets la dose” in 1989. If this maxi earned them a strong place within a nascent and booming Parisian HipHop milieu, it is however towards other horizons than the heart of Big Red since 1990.

A musical stage change will be the first logical step of what will in time become Big Red’s artistic path. As passionate about jamaican reggae as rapped flows of the US HipHop breaker coming into the world in the early 90’s, Big Red constantly works on his flow. The Raggasonic adventure starts in 1990 ; no need to introduce the first Dancehall band to get a certification. In 1993, he is found at the Rex Club, appending at full speed his flow fast style on the early stages of La Jungle, in France, side by side with Loïc et Gilb’R or Otis. For Red, this will be an entrance in the UK sound and in rave culture, meaning new rhythms and nex possibilities. This curiosity, coupled with a fierce desire to lay down his flow on anything that moves is what will lead this MC on a mission, as he likes to define himself, to always look ahead. Raggasonic does a series of hits and tours until 1998, then Big Red starts a solo career, with a first opus in 1999, on the line of Hip Hop and Dancehall, named “Big Redemption”, after signing one of the iconic french rap chorus, on “78” by Expression Direkt. “Redsistance” follows in 2001, then “Raggamuffin Culture” in 2005, before “Fuck The World” in 2009, marking a new beginning for the artist. Just as with La Jungle back then, Red immediately finds his marks on the Grime. A style of which hybrid roots of caribbean culture and urban futuristic atmospheres, perfectly matches with his musical path, as well as with his search for new experimentation fields for his always-more-technical flow. In 2012, Raggasonic gathers again, for the mythical “Ca va clasher”. Tirelessly pacing up and down clubs, festivals, and concerts, the artist comes back in 2016 with a modestly named “Vapor” project, marking a new metamorphosis. Big Red, ahead in time again, soaks up the sounds of the new wild-eyed and dreamlike Hip Hop US wave, just starting to bloom. With it, he experiences autotune and reconnects with more sung phrasings at Biga Ranx productions’ discretion. In 2020, the album “Smockaz” gets out, always in an ethereal and melodic style. After a long path oriented toward the endless discovery of new futuristic sounds, he chooses to turn to his school roots to come up with a played reggae roots album, true to jamaican roots and coveting England, named “Come Again”. The artistic integrity and his tenacious work have naturally erected Big Red among the rare Maîtres de Cérémonie in France, with a legendary status.