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Photo portrait de Volodia


Noted for his pen and his voice during his debut with the group Phases Cachées, Volodia wasted no time in uniting a large community with his reggae flow. These first steps with the group will allow him to set foot on his first stages, ranging from café concerts to the largest halls in France and festival stages (3 Olympia during first parties, the Rototom Sunsplash, the Zénith de Paris, the Zénith de Rouen, the Divan du Monde, the Trianon etc...). This early career is promising and allows him to acquire a solid stage experience while forging a strong identity that leaves no one indifferent.

By popular demand, Volodia released his first solo album in 2016. At the crossroads of hip-hop and reggae, "UN PIED SUR TERRE" met with certain success, making Volodia one of the most promising French reggae artists in the world. his generation. This album brings together several collaborations with big names in the genre such as Naâman, Danakil or even Yaniss Odua and Kenyon. The songs "Captain" and "Sac à Dos", which have more than 5 million views on Youtube, testify to the popularity of this first album. In 2020, he returns with the album "PANORAMA", in a very different aesthetic from his first opus and for good reason, Volodya likes to explore new universes. Passionate about video and image, Volodia intends to take his audience to new horizons and delivers a colorful album of pop and hip-hop, imaged by clips with natural landscapes and majestic. Qualified as a chameleon artist, Volodia once again proves her ability to create, renew and learn. This year, he presents his third studio album “POUR TOUJOURS”. This new album is a milestone in the career of the singer who returns to his first love: reggae. This is why he wanted to make this album according to the rules of the art: to record the entirety of it with the same musicians throughout the opus. Volodia has therefore surrounded himself with the cream of musicians of the genre, namely Kubix on guitar, Muctaru Wurie on keyboard, Saymon on drums, Manjul on percussion and backing vocals with Almä Mango and finally Massif B. on bass and guitar. the composition on the majority of titles. On this album composed of 15 tracks, you can find collaborations with Marcus Gad, Kubix, Twan Tee, Taïro, Ramy Raad and Sika RLion. Always with poetry and endowed with a touching sincerity, Volodia's texts will also be able to travel across France since he will be on tour from December 2 with his live band Booboo'zzz All Stars! "POUR TOUJOURS" - available November 18, 2022 on CD, vinyl and digital.