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In 30 years of career, SINSÉMILIA has never allowed the slightest concession on its way of living, of working, on its way of seeing and making music. If albums such as "RÉSISTANCES" or "PREMIÈRE RÉCOLTE" are classics in the history of French reggae, the ultra-popular success of "Tout le Bonheur du Monde" has succeed to conquer a larger audience (double disc of gold for the album and platinum for the single). This style is often confined to a very targeted audience, to very specific media, a cataloged style that supposedly has no place in the general medias. But SINSÉMILIA, with its frankness, its taste for exchange and dialogue, its original style, has arrived where no one could have imagined it. At the top of the media coverage! The band thus becomes a major actor which has made it possible to popularize reggae in France, to introduce it to some, to make it accessible to all.

In the French musical landscape, SINSÉMILIA today occupies a place that its impressive number of recorded tracks cannot sum up. If the band from Grenoble has made such a reputation for itself for three decades, it owes it first of all to its human dimension, cultivated with the same sincerity in the shadows as in the light, and which is reflected in its setting to music. The formula, over the years, has evolved while following the same guideline: combining the colors and the spirit of reggae, their major influence, with that of their personal culture, as they grew up in France and come from diverse backgrounds. The passion that animated them as teenagers has remained intact. And it gets along, when the group gets to work in the studio, refining its arrangements with the love of those who like to do well. It also sees itself on stage, where it is impossible to cheat. With them, it's a show, more than just a concert. Everyone plays their role, beyond their score. Not to mention that after so many years of playing together, the musical strength of the collective has reached a level that individual technical skills alone cannot explain. "The best stage game we've seen on this set," a Canal Plus host already said about them after their appearance on the cult show "Nowhere else" in the 2000s. The compliment, no doubt, would always be relevant. It is difficult, if not impossible, to resist their infectious enthusiasm.