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Label : Baco Records

Booking contacts : nwhatcontact@gmail.com

Nationality : French

Available on tour : On request

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His last solo album “TURBULENT” is released in 2016. Without breaking with his strong basics, his melodies ride the wave of Fast style, Rub a Dub, Sing Jay or Hip-Hop, especially handled by his favourite producers Manu Digital et Massif Boris (Danakil). he share songs with Jamaican singer King Kong, gentle Brazilian singer Flavia Coelho or vigorous Little Franky. Anti-establishment and very prolific, Papa Style sets – with second album « Turbulent » – the basis of a committed and groovy universe, a world where vibe is natural and straightforward and shoots arrows everywhere to reach its target. You can now find his energy with his super new project created with NUMAN : NWHAT ‽

Without breaking with the basics making him strong, his melodies wandering around of fast style, rub a dub, sing jay of hip hop scales, helped for the occasion by his favorite producers Many Digital and Massif Boris, who know how to offer their services to a rock solid gift of the gab and a spinning way of writing, this flow making no excuses, even though it knows how to slow down on shared tunes with the mythical jamaican singe King Kong, the sweet brasilian Flavia Coelho or the exuberant Little Francky, to give us some oxygen. Anti conformist and fiendishly fertile, Papa Style even more sets the basis of a committed and groovy universe on this second album “Turbulent”, the basis of a world the vibe doesn’t bother with complexes or tricks, preferring shooting arrows in all directions to be sure not to miss any target. If his first opus “Alma de guerrero” in 2014 got him elected Artiste Révélation of the year in the Victoires du reggae of the same year, this second album should définitely base his major player status of the french reggae and even international stage. The assault starts now so beware, Papa Style is back in town and pulls the spin of a sonic exhilarating and remarkable grenade. Meaning and power, diversity and freedom, tension and frivolity, hardly ever has an album as “Turbulent” wore its name better ! « A protest and non-conformist spirit, distributed by excellent instrumentals and well-felt lyrics, runs through the entire opus »