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Label : Baco Records

Booking contacts : reggaedav.booking@gmail.com

Nationality : French

Available on tour : 2023

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MERLOT's career began with the group BAOBAB in the 90s, for whom he was a singer and author of titles that very quickly brought French reggae from the 2000s, in particular with the hit “Naturelle”. After several years of concerts and studio visits, MERLOT decided in 2006 to go solo. This new project gives him a new impetus, giving life to two albums of French song, drawing inspiration from rap, soul, folk and variety.

Curious and passionate, MERLOT does not hesitate to put his art at the service of new formats and experiments and multiplies meetings and fruitful experiences: albums and shows for young audiences, author and actor for the Jamel Comedy Club, composer for the cinema. .. MERLOT's solo career has continued to grow over the years. Today he is also known for his social and poetic documentary film-concerts (Nouveaux Voisins, La Ville et Les Gens, Mozaigues). For this year 2023, MERLOT returns to its first love: reggae. He therefore presents a new self-produced, mature and personal album. Supported by GUILLAUME “STEPPER” BRIARD, MERLOT and the musicians of HANDCART who give substance to 12 successful tracks, marked by spontaneity and the certain musical osmosis that reigns between them. As an inveterate Parisian suburbanite, MERLOT creates a bridge between north and south in order to merge his texts with the orchestral arrangements of the soloists of the Orchester d'Avignon and the more traditional reggae rhythms of the band THE HANDCART. From these collaborations results a simple and deep music, dressed by the sharp writing of MERLOT. A new album in which the punk crooner recounts adulthood, his disappointments in love but also the pleasures that life brings him. A clever mix of its mixed identity to be discovered over the coming months.