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Label : Baco Records

Nationality : Jamaicain

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In almost half a century of career it is like JOHNNY OSBOURNE had several lives. Privileged witness of the evolution of the Jamaican music, he knew the birth of the reggae, the dancehall, then the digital. Punctuated by hits such as the classic «Truth and Right», his career began in the 60s and never stopped evolving.

After a stay in Canada where he tried with different groups, he made a smashing return to Jamaica in the 80s. He works in particular with STUDIO ONE which will give birth to the legendary album «TRUTH AND RIGHTS» and thus to the eponymous title. Then, with KING JAMMY he recorded the successful album «FOLLY RANKING». More discreet from the 90s, he will be back on stage in 2012 for a tour of festivals on which he will again demonstrate his legendary stage presence. At the same time he remains in the air of time and collaborates with big names of the moment as CHINESE MAN on the title «Independent Music» or with MAJOR LAZER on «Jah No Partial». In short, he is an inexhaustible producer of hits, a legendary artist who knew how to stay on the page and offer each time new and unreleased productions. This year he signs his return with a new studio album: «RIGHT RIGHT TIME»! Produced by Baco Records and in close collaboration with the musician STEPPER, this new project will thrill the reggae aficionados in May. The two artists have known each other through many common dates and have naturally become friends. When STEPPER decided to let JOHNNY OSBOURNE listen to some of his demos, the reggae tenor was immediately impressed. That’s how they started the creation of this new album, composed of original tracks and revisited classics, by surrounding themselves with the best of the musicians who make up the FRENCH CONNECTION BAND! STEPPER also called upon MAEL «LOEIZ» DANION to co-produce the album. The result is delightful: 10 tracks with sunny, catchy melodies, 10 tracks whose lyrics and JOHNNY OSBOURNE’s explosive energy manage to carry us away on an ultra positive wave!