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Formed in 1998, GROUNDATION is one of the world's reggae legends. Their symbiosis of roots reggae and experimental jazz is unfurled to perfection by virtuoso musicians and backing singers, who transport us between shattering climbs and explosions, dazzling solos, dub or jazz flights, and surprisingly intimate passages... Combined with the distinctive voice and energy of HARRISON STAFFORD, whose mystical power can be felt from the very first notes, the mass is said!

The new generation of musicians who have surrounded HARRISON STAFFORD these past years are, like him, graduates of the prestigious Sonoma State University. True to the essence of GROUNDATION, they have honored the group’s reputation by infusing it with all their talent and creativity. In 2023, the band performs some 30 dates in Europe with a new show to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the legendary album «HEBRON GATE» ! This tour continues in 2024 on the stages of a few lucky summer festivals. The band plays the iconic tracks of this reggae masterpiece, which marked an entire generation and propelled GROUNDATION into new spheres and worldwide recognition, not least thanks to unanimous media reviews. Every musician, every note, every sound is precisely and simply in its place, and the magic happens. We never tire of listening to this album, which shook up the world of reggae, and proved the band’s incomparable quality. «HEBRON GATE» also made Europe a second home for GROUNDATION, by selling tens of thousands of copies from the moment of its release, and proving a real hit with European audiences. Don’t miss this last opportunity to relive this gem on stage - see you this summer! To round off this anniversary, in 2023 HARRISON STAFFORD collaborated with the artist Brain Damage on a highly reworked dub version of "HEBRON GATE", released as "DREAMING FROM AN IRON GATE" on Baco Records, you can discover it on this link !