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Label : Verycords

Booking contacts : ben@bacomusic.fr / teranga@bacomusic.fr

Nationality : France / Cuba

Available on tour : à partir d'Avril 2024

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Sergent Garcia has been making Europe and North and South America wiggle for 25 years. The term “salsamuffin”, which he invented, condenses the fusion of rumba, ska, reggae, dancehall and Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, the result of his research into the musical heritages of Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica and Colombia...

Collaborations with many international artists, on stage or in the studio, also bear witness to this melting-pot and to a vast artistic openness: Fermin Muguruza, Amadou et Mariam, Eric Bobo from Cypress Hill, Amparanoia, Gambeat (Manu Chao’s bassist), Ojos de Brujo, Bomba Estéreo, Peret, Celso Piña, Mexican Stepper and many more. His political commitment and clear stance in favor of minorities, migrants and environmental protection are themes that run through his songs, some of which are hymns to resistance and courage. With 9 albums and 3 EPs crowned with international success, including a nomination for the Victoires de la Musique and another for the Latin Grammys, he has left his mark on many generations and became a benchmark for many artists. His timeless music has been renewed with each new project, moving from productions made at home with machines, to recordings accompanied by a full band of musicians, dub versions made in his “Guakamayo” sailboat-studio, live albums... Each time we savor a new and unique Sargento recipe! Sergent Garcia has also tried his hand at cinema, as actor and director of the soundtrack to the French feature film “Faux Contact”, which won over 10 awards. He is also the guitarist of the punk band “Ludwig Von 88”, which celebrates its 40th anniversary with a 40- date tour in 2023. In 2024, Sergent Garcia prepares some brand new songs to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his band, who will be on the road with him in full force: a remarkable line-up of outstanding musicians with brass section, percussion and backing singers from Cuba, Spain, Guyana and France! They’ll be celebrating this anniversary and this release without forgetting their legendary classics (“Amor pa Mi”, “Yo soy Salsamuffin”, “Les Desaparecidos”, “Yo me voy pa’ la Cumbia”, “Tonite”...). A must-see live experience! Always in search of new perspectives, the “Guakamayo” is the sailboat-studio that Sergent Garcia has been rebuilding since its sinking in 2020, with the aim of turning it into a nomadic studio and sailing towards new projects combining sea and music, to be discovered soon!