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Label : Baco Records

Booking contacts : bastien@talowa.com

Nationality : New Caledonia

Available on tour : On request

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Are planets best aligned or is the explanation more rational? Doesn’t matter … With his new album “RHYTHM OF SERENITY”, MARCUS GAD is at its place with a reggae for reflection, reggae to take your time, to think and impose his signature. The Caledonian singer is a MIDNITE’s child, this band from the Virgin Islands who agitated reggae music world in the 2000 and became cult thanks to its low tempo, and unique show that lasted 3 or 4 hours and that you were leaving with the feeling to be in a church during a prayer … We already heard these influences on the “CHANTING” album in 2017, MARCUS GAD’s first album with which he had toured with hundreds of shows in France and Europe. In his musical approach there is something very organic, the will to be linked to elements and create a specific atmosphere. The American producer ANDREW “MOON” BAIN from the ZION I KINGS musicians and producers collective, who worked a lot with MIDNITE noticed it and contacted MARCUS GAD some years ago to work with him. “A dream became true” was counting the young singer. Collaboration was a remotely work as both living in the two extremities of the world, and make MARCUS works differently. His new partners sent him the sound, so he had to enter their universe with his personality and sensitivity. Compatibility is total and clear. This way of working based on the moment with a natural approach of music perfectly suited for the young singer who already has a solid experience. MARCUS GAD grew up in New Caledonia and naturally came to reggae music: Jamaican rhythms found out a great field to prosper in those groups of islands in the South Pacific. Now they are part of the daily cultural life mixed with the local rhythmic and particularly with the kaneka. This endemic style is one of the biggest inspirations of MARCUS GAD in terms of melodies sonorities and messages. From India to which he made homage with his last EP “ENTER A SPACE” in 2019, to Ethiopia where he stayed three times, or Central America, MARCUS GAD is animated by an insatiable hunger to learn : permaculture, methods of life in community … Looking for the informations on the spot more than in the books and school, traveling being as serious as studying. Go all over the world has not distanced himself from his roots, on the contrary, it just more solidifies his attachment to Kanak land and culture and how he wants to be a fine representative. With the “RHYTHM OF SERENITY” album, he has numerous arguments.

Deux ans après son premier album CHANTING qu’il a présenté sur plus de 100 dates à travers l’Europe, MARCUS GAD revient avec un nouvel EP de 6 titres issu d’une nouvelle collaboration fructueuse avec le beatmaker parisien TAMAL qui le suit depuis ses débuts. ENTER A SPACE porte bien son nom : entrez dans univers habité de sons texturés, organiques et parfois même aquatiques. Si la base de ce projet est le roots, on le savoure ici avec des influences hip-hop / soul sur le single « RIVER » dont le clip magnifique a été tourné en Inde dans la ville sacrée de Varanasi (sortie prévue en Janvier 2019), sur des airs de blues mandingue avec le titre « LIVE UP TO THE DAY » où l’on entend le son du N’Goni, ou encore des sonorités africaines comme sur « INNA NATURE » pour une collaboration de haut vol avec le griot burkinabé LOSSO KEITA. La véritable magie de cet EP réside dans la collaboration fusionnelle de MARCUS GAD et TAMAL qui créent à eux deux une véritable symbiose entre la musique et les textes inspirés de la philosophie indienne de l’Advaita Vedenta. Ainsi MARCU GAD nous amène à réfléchir sur la réalité de l’être, sur l’incarnation … Est-on le corps, est-on l’esprit ? Ou est-on quelque chose de plus profond ? Un univers à découvrir sur ENTER A SPACE à partir du 1er Mars 2019 et en live à partir du mois d’Avril.