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Few reggae artists in France can claim to have as many real hits in their discography as Yaniss Odua. "La Caraïbe", "Rouge Jaune Vert", "Chalawa" (combining between them nearly 100 million views on Youtube) are all big tunes that the crowd chants in chorus during his shows, always generous and dynamic. In nearly 30 years of career (Yaniss started at the age of 10 alongside his cousin Daddy Harry in Martinique), Yaniss Odua has created a unique bond with the French public.

Whether in his native Caribbean, in France or in any of the other territories he has toured, the Martinique-born artist has made his mark with his unaffected authenticity, lyrics that speak to everyone, set to musical productions that are always meticulously crafted, combining the roots of Reggae with sounds in tune with the times. And for good reason, he constantly surrounds himself with the best talents in the genre, such as legendary Jamaican producer Clive Hunt (Jimmy Cliff, Alpha Blondy, Rolling Stones, Grace Jones, Khaled...), as well as young French sound wizards like Kahifa and Ayema. Always on the lookout for new encounters and experiences, and eager to share his vibrations with like-minded artists, we've seen him collaborate with some of the greatest international artists, including Ky-Mani Marley, Tiken Jah Fakoly and Keny Arkana. From "Yon Pa Yon" (2002) to "Nouvelle Donne" (2017), via "Moment Idéal" (2013), and all the albums and collaborative projects in which he has participated, Yaniss Odua keeps smiling despite the ups and downs of life. A conscious and committed artist, he remains positive, wishing to overcome, while denouncing, the injustices he encounters or has suffered. His latest album, Stay High, released in May 2022, is no exception. With this opus, Yaniss takes a turning point illustrated by a modern and inspired Reggae. Danakil, Dub Inc, Kalash and even Flavia Coelho lend him their confidence on tracks that are more than convincing. In a style described as "Futu'Roots", where instrumentals are sublimated by lyrics as rich as they are touching, Yaniss reveals himself in an intimate way, all the while aiming to pass on messages and build bridges between people, cultures and musical genres. A piece of art that will mark its time.