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With reggae music TAÏRO found a way to follow his father’s fight who had been in jail in Morocco during 4 years for his revolutionary ideas. He inherited his love for French language from his mother and found his vocation listening to one of her albums : « KAYA » by BOB MARLEY. TAÏRO was very active during the golden age of Parisian ragga and his carrier started when AKHENATON hired him for the TAXI 2’s soundtrack and brought him to the forefront of a massive audience with the hit « Elle Veut » from the « DIS L’HEURE DE RAGGA » compilation released in 2004. Since that success TAÏRO became one of the most popular French reggae artists with a huge fanbase on social networks : 250k followers on Facebook, more than 50k on Instagram and 200k on his YouTube channel, where you can find many videoclips with more than millions of views played all over the world.

During the French identity crisis TAÏRO kept his serene relation to his double culture keeping the balance between committed and light lyrics. The singer was 16 years old when he found his pseudo TAÏRO from “tyro” in an English dictionary. Always learning : here’s a great life philosophy. Three years after his « AINSI SOIT-IL » album and successful tracks like « Une Seule Vie » and « Bonne Weed » with several tens of millions of views on YouTube, TAÏRO confirmed his skills with « REGGAE FRANÇAIS » released in 2016. With the Family Band he played on the most beautiful stages like the Olympia in Paris, Solidays Festival, Printemps de Bourges, No Logo, Reggae Sun Ska Festival and more ... TAÏRO released on October, 7th, 2022 the first part of his new album « 360 ». From Caribbean waves to ballads, from drill beats to jamaican sounds, the production is modern, aerial and particularly efficient. The first clips are already available! To make you wait before the release of the 2nd part of the album (beginning of 2023), Taïro starts a live tour all over France! Including a new Olympia on March 25th, 2023... A new step with you in his adventure made of songs, live and love!